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txt Disclaimer: A portion of the summary and/or audio files provided below were derived from Sudowoodo's "Advanced Japanese for Children". The summaries were created by Sudowoodo and are used with his permission. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the summaries and recommend that you purchase the official Advanced Japanese for Children text. The PDFs linked above are for personal use only, and should not be included in any commercial publication or on any web site. This resource was originally authored by Susan Ostrov and Patricia M. Scholl. It was completed by Kaitlin Schweser and Martie Scholl and is currently maintained by Patricia M. Scholl. Preface: This lesson is a multi-level course with embedded objectives. It is designed to provide a general overview of Japanese grammar, and to be used in conjunction with student-selected textbooks, texts, and literature. It was created for the purpose of teaching Japanese to non-native speakers. It is written at the intermediate student level and is intended to be consistent with the prerequisite knowledge and skills of the student. It was intended to provide a comprehensive overview of the subject, and to be used as a general overview, introductory level course. It was also designed to enable students to efficiently assimilate all the information presented within each lesson. The lesson includes review of the following structures: Exercise sheets, ranging from review to more complex problems, are included at the end of each lesson, and the entire course has a grading system that enables students to chart their progress. The grading system focuses on regular and consistent application of the concepts taught. To that end, a methodical study of the vocabulary, grammar, and practice activities is critical. Each of the lessons provides a "map" of the course, highlighting the most important concepts and repetitions. To ensure that the students are taught the most important grammatical structures (and to avoid repetition), the lesson materials are presented in a sequence, rather than duplicating the same material. Over the course of the lessons, I have tried to link new topics with older topics, to provide overview and connection between concepts, to have a progression in the course, and to review lessons in the context of the whole course. I would like to thank Susan Ostrov, Patricia Scholl, Kaitlin



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Kaplan Schweser CFA 2012 Level 1 SchweserPro Qbank.rar reganem
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